Sarabande à Deux (005CAF​?​)

by Reymour

S.P.O 03:13
Léon 02:45
Melancholia 03:54
Boss DR55 02:57


Reymour, aventure psycho-romantique au sein de la trame textuelle d’un duo dans la vie comme sur scène, un cluster originaire de Fribourg-en-Uthonie, relocalisé pas loin de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, en Gaule Belgique. Pour «Sarabande à Deux», c’est un splendide bac de primeurs automnales fait de légumes anciens à la sauce synth-wave qui nous est servi. Pour la cinquième release du label CAF?, haro sur les sonorités 80’s, entre balade synthétique, danse amoureuse et textes bucoliques d’alcooliques !

Reymour is a psycho-romantic adventure of a duo sharing both life, and stage, a lovely cluster that originated in Fribourg-en-Uthonie, and found a new home in Brussels, the pulsing heart of Europe. “Sarabande à Deux” is a delicious arrangement of autumn flavor and forgotten vegetables cooked with love and understanding in a synth-wave sauce. It is the fifth release of CAF?, ridding on sonorities of the 80’s, running between synthetic balads, romantic dances and bucolic sceneries in an alcoolic fashion.

“Sarabande à Deux” by Reymour is the fifth release on CAF? a swiss-based label.


released January 16, 2020

Music by Reymour (Lou Savary & Luc Bersier)
Recorded between Fribourg and Bruxelles during Spring 2019
Mixed by Michael Francey
Mastered by Andrea Merlini
Illustration by Sebastien Rück & Lou Savary
Front and back cover photographs by Julie Folly
Graphic Design by Julien Fischer & Pablo Perez


all rights reserved


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